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Zeng Yang

Personal Profile



Professor and Doctoral Supervisor in Nanjing University Law School; PhD in Law

Executive Director of Institute of Securities Law of China Law Society; Director of Institute of Commercial Law of China Law Society

Email: zengyang@nju.edu.cn 

Research Interests: Securities Law, Corporate Law, Financial Law



· The Theoretical Basis and Logic Development of the Subject Identification of Securities Insider Trading, 178 China Legal Science 158 (2014).

· Causation of Tort liability for Insider Trading, 36 China Journal of Law 116 (2014).

· Modification or Abolishment: Article 47 within Securities Act from the View of Interpretation Theory, 34 Global Law Review 39 (2012).

· Reconstructing the Independent Director System, 15 Tsinghua University Law Journal 156 (2021).

· Use Material for Securities Insider Trading, 35 Global Law Review 52 (2013).

· The Proof of “Knowing Inside Information”, 11 Securities Market Herald 72 (2014).

·  Analysis of Private Benefits in Corporate Control Right in Perspective of Law and Economics, 5 Jianghai Academic Journal 196 (2013).

·  Discussion about the Relationship Between Stock Issuance and Listing, 6 Nanjing Journal of Social Sciences 26 (2012).

· Chen Jie, Zeng Yang, Questioning the Determination of Insider Trading of "August 16 Everbright Incident", 32 Law Review 184 (2014).

· Investor Appropriateness Principle: Interpretation, Comparison and Analysis, 49 Journal of Nanjing University (Philosophy, Humanities and Social Sciences) 80 (2012).



· National Social Science Fund 2013 General Project "Research on the Difficult Legal Issues of the Composition and Proof of Insider Trading in Securities" (No. 13BFX105);

· Jiangsu Province Law Society 2012 Key project “ Research on Legal Issues of Private Financing" (No. SFH2012A02);

· China Securities Investor Services Center 2019 Project "Research on the Independence and Legal Liability of Independent Directors";

· Jiangsu Province Social Science Fund 2019 General Project "Research on the Dynamic Balance Prevention and Control Mechanism of Systemic Financial Risks" (No. 19FXB003).