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Bai Yunfeng

Personal Profile

Bai Yunfeng

ExpertiseConstitutional Law and Administrative Law

Address: No. 22, Hankou Road, Gulou District, Nanjing

Educational Background

Doctor of Laws    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Visiting Scholar    Waseda University




1. Bai Yunfeng, The Construction of the Rule of Law in Emergency Skip-Level Administration,(CSSCI),No.2 (2022). 

2. Bai Yunfeng, How to Motivate Law Enforcers——an Analytical Approach of Cognitive Behaviorism,Law and Social Development(CSSCI),No.4 (2019).

3. Bai Yunfeng, Judicial Review of Plaintiff Qualification of Third Party in Administrative Agreement, Administrative Law Review(CSSCI),No.1 (2019). 

4. Fang Shirong,Bai Yunfeng, The Mode and Application of Administrative law enforcement reconciliation,Chinese journal of law(CSSCI),No.4 (2019).

5. Bai Yunfeng, Theoretical reflection and localization revision of protection norms,SJTU Law Review(CSSCI),No.1 (2021).

6. Bai Yunfeng, The Logic of Rule of Law of Regional Integration in Emergency SituationsJournal of Social Sciences(CSSCI)No.3(2023).

7. Bai Yunfeng, Internal and External Double-Layer Structural Systems of Administrative LawJournal of Gansu University of Political Science and Law(CSSCI)No.1(2023).

8. Bai Yunfeng, Reshaping the Integration of Administrative Organizations in Emergency SituationsSoutheast Law Review(CSSCI)No.2(2022).

9. Bai Yunfeng, Jurisdiction of over the Enclave by Means of Administrative Agreements: A Solution to a Problem in Organizational Law, China Land Science(CSSCI),No.2 (2019).

10. Bai Yunfeng, On the Balance and Limitation of Securities Enforcement Settlement Privilege, Securities Law Review(CSSCI),No.5(2017).



Research Projects

independently presided over 2 provincial and ministerial level projects and participated in several national, provincial and ministerial level projects

1. Research on the Investigation and Exemption of Administrative Legal Responsibility in Emergency Administration (Project No. 22CFX057),  Program of National Social Sciences Funds for Youth of China.

2. Administrative Integration: Reshaping the Administrative Law Mechanism in Emergency Situations, Program of Post-funded of Jiangsu Province



Awards and Honors

1. The paper "The Mode and Application of Administrative law enforcement reconciliation" won the second prize of the 13th Hubei social science outstanding achievement award, the second prize of the 17th Wuhan social science outstanding achievement award, and the second yingsongnian administrative law outstanding achievement award;

2. The 2021 Shanghai University Excellent graduate Award;

3. The 10th yingsongnian administrative law scholarship;

4. Cai Dingjian outstanding student award in constitutional law in 2020;

5. National scholarship for doctoral students of the Ministry of education in 2019;

6. "Postgraduate Excellent Scientific Research Achievements" of Wu Handong Law Education Foundation;

7. School-level Excellent Master’s Thesis of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law;

8. Excellent Graduate title of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.