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Jin Jian

Personal Profile

Basic Information

·Dr. JIN Jian, Male, Doctor of Law, Hometown: Jiangsu Changshu PRC

·Assistant Professor, Law School, Nanjing University

·Academic Visitor (2019.1-2019.2)at Max Planck Institute for Legal

History and Legal Theory (Frankfurt a. M.)

·Mobile:+86 17888102861   E-mail:jinjian88@nju.edu.cn

·Working Languages: Chinese/German/English

·Lessons: Administrative Law (German/English),

Constitutional Law (German/English)

Education Experience

Bachelor of Law, Nanjing University, 2010

Master of Economic Law, Nanjing University, 2014

LL.M., University of Goettingen (Germany), 2014

Doctor of Law, University of Goettingen (Germany), 2021

Academic Part-time Positions

·Editor of Jahrbuch des Deutsch-Chinesischen Instituts für Rechtswissenschaft der Universitäten Göttingen und Nanjing(Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index)

·Member of Administrative Law Research Society,  Financial Law Research Society,  Comparative Law Research Society,  Jiangsu Law Society

·Member of Institute for Chinese Legal Modernization Studies, Nanjing Normal University

Publications (Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index)

Organizational Approach of Administrative Digitalization, Journal of Nanjing University, 2023/1, p. 116-123. (CSSCI)

The Principle of Effectiveness of Emergency Response Administrative Organization, The Jurist, 2021/3, p.75-89. (CLSCI)

Regulated self-regulation and the transformation of administrative law, Administrative Law Review, Vol. 25 2020, p.1-22. (CSSCI)

German Co-regulation theory and a perspective on Chinese situation, Journal of PLA Nanjing Institute of Politics, 2018/1, p.114-119. (CSSCI)

Meta-Regulation in German Food Law,  Vol. 15 2018, p.150-170. (CSSCI)

Nachhaltigkeit im deutschen Lebensmittelrecht, in: Fang/Martínez/Qi (Hrsg.), Nachhaltigkeit und Landwirtschaft in China und Deutschland, Baden-Baden: Nomos 2019, S. 263-276.

Schmidt-Aßmann, Regulierte Selbstregulierung als Element verwaltungsrechtlicher Systembildung (Translation from German to Chinese), Public Law Review, Vol. 20 2020. (CSSCI)

Martinez, Landwirtschaft 4.0-Rechtlicher Rahmen und Herausforderungen der Digitalisierung der Landwirtschaft (Translation from German to Chinese), Sino-German Law Forum, Vol. 15 2018. (CSSCI)

Martinez, Sortenschutz und Patentschutz in der Landwirtschaft, (Translation from German to Chinese), Sino-German Law Forum, Vol. 14 2017. (CSSCI)


1.  Special research project on improving major epidemic prevention and control systems and mechanisms, 2021, Nanjing University (Leader)

2.   Typology and legislative studies of states of emergency, National Social Science Major Project (Participant)

3.   Judicial Research Major Topic of the Supreme People's Court, 2021, Theme: The application problems of administrative provisions in Civil Code (Participant)

Report on the International Conferences

Risikomanagement im chinesischen Gentechnikrecht (German), Conference for Riskmanagement in private and public law,University Nanjing and Goettingen, 2022/4.

Regulation of Public Information on Food Risk in China (English),Conference "Unpacking the Complexity of Regulatory Governance in a Globalising World: An International Conference to inaugurate a Global Regulatory Governance Research Network",ICGRG, 2019/7.

Food Regulation by third party verification: a comparison between China and Germany (English),  7th Conference of Regulation and Governance, Lausanne Switzerland, 2018/7.

Deregulierungspotenziale im europäischen und deutschen Lebensmittelrecht (German), Conference The Boundary of Legal Norm, Chinese Culture University, Taipeh, 2017/11.

Essay Awards

Meta-Regulation in German Food Law, 3rd Prize on 2020 China Food Safety Forum.

Risk Regulation in German Agriculture Genetic Technology, High Level Forum for Legal Research on Medicine Food and Drug National Essay Competition 2019

Scholarship for international PhD students from DAAD (2019)

Honor & Awards

National Scholarship for Master Student 2012

Scholarship CSC for Master (2012-2013) and PhD Student (2014-2019)

Outstanding Master Student of Nanjing University, First Class Guanghua Scholarship

Eva Scholarship, Sino-German Institute for Law

Outstanding student leaders, City Changshu, Province Jiangsu