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Pan Chongyang

Address: Law School of Nanjing University, 22 Hankou Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu
Contact: panchongyang@nju.edu.cn
Personal Profile

Dr. Chongyang Pan is currently an assistant research fellow at the school of law, Nanjing University. He obtained his Ph.D. in civil and commercial law from Renmin University of China in 2021. His research focuses on contract law, especially remedies for breach of contracts.


Selected publications

1.On the Separation of Reliance Interests and Reliance, ECUPL Journal, 20233.

2.An Interpretation of the Damages Incurred by the Infringement of the Data Rights of an Enterprise, Journal of Comparative Law, 2022(4).

3.On the Validity Connection of Linked Contracts: Taking the Link between A Contract for Sale of Commodity House and Loan Contract as An Example, Political Science and Law, 2021(11).

4.Remedies for Breach of Contract by the Third Party in Contracts for the Benefit of Third PartiesOriental Law, 20205.

5.Analysis on Unauthorized Agent’s Liability to Bond bide Counterparty, ECUPL Journal, 20193.