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Wang Qianhui

Personal Profile

Wang Qianhui


Gender: Female

Date of Birth and Native Place: Born on 1 May 1991 in Xiaoxian, Anhui Province

Nationality: Peoples Republic of China (P. R. China)

Professional Title:Associate Researcher


    E-mail: wangqianhui@nju.edu.cn

   Mobile: (+86 10) 188- 1101-7851

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND                                                                                          

Sept.2016-Jun.2020   Doctor of law,Peking University Law School, Beijing P.R. China, majoring in Public International Law, supervised by Prof. Li Ming.

Sept. 2013- Jun. 2016    Masters Degree in Law, Fudan University, Shanghai, P.R. China, supervised by Prof. Ma Zhongfa.

Sept. 2009 - Jun. 2013  Bachelors Degree in Law, Liaoning University, Shenyang, P.R. China.

RESEARCH INTERESTS                                                                                                        

  Basic Theories of Public International Law

   International Environmental Law

  WTO Law

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE                                                                                            

Jul. 2020-Present           An associate researcher in law school at Nanjing University

Oct. 2018-Oct. 2019       A joint PhD. student sponsored by CSC (China Scholarship Council) at

Max-Plank Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law  

Nov. 2017-May 2018   Participate in PhD class of modern Japanese Research Center

Jul. 2017-Aug.2017   Participate in summer school of The Hague Academy of International Law  Mar. 2017-Jun.2018   Participate in project research "The History of the Law of Sea"            

Sept. 2016-Nov. 2016  Participate in project research "Marine Policies"


Public international law (general)


"Implementation Dilemma and Reform Path for the Convention on Biological Diversity",  Local Legislation Journal, 2023(01).

"Developments in Animal Law and Its Enlightenment to China", Chinese Review of International Law, 2020(02).

"China’s Compliance with WTO’s Rulings: A Comparative Analysis", Chinese Yearbook of International Law, 2019(00).


 Certificate of Completion of German elementary class training of "National Construction of

High-level University Public Graduate Project" (2018)

 Certificate of Completion of  PhD class of Modern Japanese Research Center (2018)

 Certificate for Participation in the Summer Course on Public International Law of Hague Academy of International Law (2017)

 Chinese National Legal Profession Qualification Certificate (2015)


Mother Tongue: Mandarin Chinese

Working Language: English