Institute of Economic Law
Release time: 2023-05-22

The Institute of Economic Law of Nanjing University was founded in 2005. Relying on the mighty faculty of the Law School and the discipline of Economic Law, the institute takes high-level scientific research as its own responsibility and has undertaken a number of national research projects and published a large amount of high-level academic papers and monographs. The Institute of Economic Law has presided over the establishment of the WeChat official account of "Nanjing University Economic Law", which regularly posts the latest scientific research achievements of the institute's teachers, students and alumni, and holds an annual seminar on economic law theory. The institute has many national well-known experts in economic law. Two professors have successively served as the vice President of the Economic Law Research Institute of China Law Society, and one professor was appointed as the Young Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education (2020).